Cara update

A few words on our dog Cara. We got her in July from Labrador Rescue.

Although she’s small for a labrador, some of our wwoofers had never been close to such a large dog before and were scared by her. However she loves wwoofers, and soon makes friends with them. She will happily tag along with them all over the property. A couple of wwoofers have threatened to steal her away with them.

We were a little worried, because she chased our silkie bantams at first, and killed one of them. Lately we’ve been letting our pair of peacocks out in the day, which also requires letting our silkies out. Cara has been exceptionally well behaved, so it seems she’s grown up a bit and learned her lesson.

Cara has a bed in our room. She likes to go to bed at 9.30, and will put herself to bed if we’re staying up too late. She snores, rather worse than me.

I have told the story here about Nicky the Duck (a muscovy) who desperately wanted to be an inside duck. I trained Nicky to keep off the back verandah – by running at him and making thumping sounds with my boots. Once or twice a boot connected briefly to his bum!

Anyway, in our new batch of muscovies we have three more ducks who want to sit on the verandah, and make a mess. Yesterday I saw Cara charge at them, barking loudly (which she never does …) and making a big fuss, until they all got off the verandah, when she returned to her usual sweet self.

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