It was a weekend of auctions for us.

Saturday was a clearing sale of horse-drawn vehicles. How could we miss that? It’s a bit early for us just yet, but I’d love to have a pair of heavy horses pulling a medieval wagon around our place.

We did bid on a classy tipping dray, which as it turns out was originally built in Goulburn. We bid up to $1400 but it eventually went for $2500 so we were well out there. Allison was keen to bid for a spectacular indian wagon that looked like it was drawn by elephants — but apparently it was for oxen, and we’re not going in that direction thanks.

Sunday was the Goulburn Poultry auction again. The only thing we were after was a couple of muscovy girls.

It was a great event, and prices were good. At the end, we had *6* new muscovies, 2 new peacock boys, 4 quail, 4 zebra finches, two young adult guineafowl, 2 baby guineafowl and another goose. And a couple of indian runner ducks as a gift for our neighbours.

We also got a dozen guineafowl eggs for $7. We tried this once before, but the silkie hen lost interest. Allison was keen to use our ancient frypan as an incubator, but it blew the fuses. So we’re looking for an alternative.

The baby guineafowl have been adopted by our wwoofers Alissa and Hanna, and are perhaps the most cuddled guineafowl in human history. These were the original “turkeys”, going from Zanzibar via Turkey to medieval markets. Yes, our plan is to serve them up at a medieval feast, cuddles notwithstanding.

*** Still no rain, so we got a tanker of water in on Monday. Hopefully some rain this week. ***


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