A roast

A lamb roast last night, to honour wwoofer Adrien’s last night with us.

Allison did the roast with rosemary and other herbs, and it smelt and tasted great.

Our wwoofers Sam, Sabrina and Ophelie used our cherry tomatoes (we have a glut) to make an Italian sauce — delicious.

Ally did some really light and crisp potatoes, and I did some beans with almonds and verjuice.

Best of all was the fresh corn, straight from our garden to the pot.  Magnificent.

This year our garden has been a fairly conventional organic one.  Our soil is pretty ordinary, and we’re building it up with mulch and horse manure and compost.  So our soil and our vegies should get better every year.

Next year, we’re going to implement a crop rotation system, use of green manures as cover- and under- crops, and succession plantings over the season.

I do now have some of the soil blocker equipment that I’ve previously described (bought from Allsun Farm) and I’ll report soon on some experiments with block materials.  We’ll start plants in our greenhouse, extend our growing season and minimise the time that plants spend in the vegie beds.

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