Beating the heat

We made it through the weekend.  We started our work very early, before the worst of the heat. It got to about 40 deg C each day.

Adrian and Khaled did a full hour on the dreaded serrated tussocks each day, and then worked on our new garden bed.

Jeremy, now mostly recovered from his illness, worked on some repairs for our verandah.

Ophelie, Sam and Sabrina (all girls) were not so keen on the tussocks, but they gave us huge assistance in our housework, which had got sadly behind during the heatwave.

We erected a marquee tent for the first time — Allison had bought it cheaply at a farm clearing sale, and we are hoping to decorate it medievally.

By Sunday afternoon, we were all sick of the heat.  Khaled and Jeremy wanted to stay at home.  The rest of us went to the fine metropolis of Goulburn (along with Paris, Rome and London, one of the great shopping centres of the world) and spent some time looking around the Centro mall.  Then we went to a club for a while, again just for the air-conditioning, and headed home.

Somehow it was decided to have an impromptu medieval feast in the marquee.

Khaled, Sabrina and Sam setting up the tent

Allison and I made a brave attempt at singing Green Grow the Rushes Oh.  Allison then asked our French guests if they could sing anything, except Spice Girls.  Of course, this had the opposite effect, and we got lots of Spice Girls — and the scary thing was that they all knew the words!  So a fun end to a sizzling weekend.

Jeremy, Adrien and Ophelie at the "Quasimodo Feast"


Late in the day, we heard about the terrible bushfires in Victoria, with over 100 lives lost.

I was a volunteer firefighter during the awful Canberra fires of 2003.  These fires sound even worse, and they are not yet over.  This has been a fantastic effort by many thousands of volunteers, and they will be working for weeks.

Around here we have been very lucky.  We did not get the high winds that they had in Victoria.  Hopefully, we are heading for a period of cooler temperatures now.

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