A very hot time

Right across Australia, it has been stinking hot for a couple of weeks. Truth to tell, probably cooler in Goulburn than most of Australia.

This weekend is the culmination, and it’s going to be a killer, about 40 degrees both days. On Sunday, we’ll probably have high winds too, making extreme fire danger.

Anyway, on Friday night we had volunteered to make dinner at the Goulburn Club. This is a small social club that owns a lovely building in the middle of Goulburn, overlooking fabulous Belmore Park. Unlike most social clubs in Australia, this one has no income from gambling, and exists completely on the volunteer efforts of its members.

The club sells dinners for $5 each on Fridays, and this attracts patrons along, who then enjoy the live music and relaxed atmosphere. We take wwoofers there often, as it’s a cheap night out, with an interesting crowd.

So we had volunteered to cook dinner, which we’ll do every six weeks. We were planning to make kangaroo stir-fry, which was such a hit with our wwoofers.

BUT:- we got a call from our wwoofer Adrien, to say that another wwoofer Jeremy had a serious kidney infection and needed early medical attention. So we left work in Canberra early, and Allison took Jeremy to a couple of doctors (all booked out) then to the Goulburn Hospital’s emergency ward.

In the meantime, I got the cooking gear together, with the help of two wwoofers, and we headed into the club. The kitchen is quite antique, but we managed. The stir-fry was a huge success, so now we have established a reputation and were able to donate $100 to the club from the profits – as all the vegetables came from our garden, and kangaroo is a cheap meat. We use our beetroots in the mix, heaps of different greens, and our jewel-like cherry tomatoes cut into quarters and stirred through just before serving.

Somewhere in there, Allison collected two more wwoofers from the train station, Sam and Sabrina from France (it seems we only get French wwoofers now!) and took Jeremy back to our place after his transfusion of antibiotics. Wwoofers in all directions, and helping in the kitchen when they could … a madhouse. Allison made it back to the club late in the day, exhausted and just in time for the last of the stir-fry. And some wonderful singing by our friend Gretchen and a lady with a guitar. Despite the heat, there was a real buzz at the club on Friday.

Remember that this was all happening on a scorching hot day. When we finally got home, Allison and I went off for a quiet swim in the dam. There is something deliciously cool about a skinny-dip by moonlight, with the occasional fish leaping, and our lovely dog Cara delighted to be joining us.

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