Cutting a pipe

A little drama last night.

Allison and I were driving back from Canberra, and stopped in at Goulburn for some supplies and some vegetable seedlings.

We got a call from wwoofer Adrien. They were digging a new vegetable bed, and somebody had put a pick through a pipe. Water was gushing everywhere.

The wwoofers had closed off our big rainwater water tank, but the water was still flowing. What to do?

I was able to explain that this pipe probably belonged to our irrigation system. I told Adrien how to switch off the valve from the separate damwater tank.

When we bought the place, we didn’t know that the previous owners had installed quite a cunning set of pipes all around the property. You can pump between most of the dams, though our neighbour Shayne tells me that he knocked one out while ploughing to remove serrated tussocks. These pipes are buried quite shallowly.

So we can, and do, pump from a dam to a high tank (10,000L?) above our house paddock. This will then gravity feed in a loop around the house, with a couple of sideshoots. It was one of these that was damaged.

So our watering system for our vegie gardens is out of commission for a few days. These things happen. Our current wwoofers (Adrien, Jeremy, Khaled and Ophelie, all French) may have to use watering cans.

The irrigation system needs a little maintenance anyway. Many of the taps are metal, and over the years have cracked in heavy frosts. I have started replacing these with special frost-proof ball joints, at $20 a pop. And we will drain the system of water each winter.

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