A surprise chicken

This weekend, we’re losing Nicky and Pat, our first wwoofers and our stalwarts as we got Cockatrice Farm up and running. For their own sakes, it’s time they moved on and saw some more of the country. We’ll miss them badly.

(They tell me that their next wwoofer place has jet skis and a helicopter — is that what you have to do now to attract wwoofers?)

We’ll only have one wwoofer from Monday, Manu — another Frenchman. Lately, we’ve been playing the “500” card game in the evenings, and for our final game last night we (Manu and I) beat the other French guys. I suspect Pat will have to come back for another visit, to redress this appalling situation.

A little surprise yesterday — a silkie chicken, not expected for another week yet. No doubt it will have some brothers and sisters soon. Allison moved the other broody silkie into an aviary, to concentrate on the guineafowl eggs.

Back with the silkies, Nicky and Manu found two possums in their chookshed as they locked them up. Possums are a problem because they steal eggs. So Nicky got a broom and Manu got a practice sword, and tried to scare the possums away. This was eventually successful, though Manu ended up with a scratch from a possum claw. I assured Manu that he wouldn’t get rabies.

It’s good that we’re getting some new silkies — we lost three in recent months, perhaps due to the hot weather. These chicks will be the first offspring of Rufio the Rooster, who was selected to bring some colour into our otherwise white flock. Rufio does wake the wwoofers sometimes, but really he’s a quiet and well-mannered fellow for a rooster.

We have heard from some past wwoofers: Laura has headed home to Spain, and Nellie is having a fabulous time in Melbourne.

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