Today we said goodbye to Nellie, our Canadian wwoofer.

Nellie has been here for a month.  She’s been great fun, and has helped us with establishing new garden beds and keeping our garden going over summer.

She took on a special project of making some colourful medieval banners.  We wanted some banners to help us launch our Goulburn branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) later this year.

It’s also becoming a way of honouring our longer-standing wwoofers.  So far, Pat and Nicky and Nellie herself have had banners made, each based on an adventure during their time here.

Nellie’s banner shows a wild horse, as well as red and white for Canada.  The horse was my mare Domino, who’s not great with people.

argent and gules, a horse courant (?) sable”]

During Domino’s early days with us, we had to catch her to put her in our round yard.  We formed a human chain to encourage her in the right direction, but Domino sussed it out.  She (correctly) identified tiny Nellie as the weakest or at least smallest link, and charged past her.  I don’t think Nellie was ever in danger, but Domino is a huge and powerful horse, and a mighty thing to beyond in full flight.  So this was definitely a memorable part of her visit.

Here’s Nellie, with some of the banners:

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