Kangaroo for tea

We’ve been telling the wwoofers for quite some time that kangaroo is quite a tasty meat, as well as being healthy and great for the environment.

Allison got some “kanga banga” sausages a few weeks ago. None of us liked them.

On Saturday, I cooked a kangaroos stir-fry for tea.

This was supermarket kangaroo, pre-marinated. I cooked the fillets quickly, charring a little on the outside, leaving the middle rare.

For the stir-fry, we had heaps of fresh produce from our garden. Lots of warrigal greens (an Australian perennial spinach), some rainbow chard, the first of our zucchinis (courgettes), and a whole beetroot including the beautiful leaves. I did the beetroot in big sticks.

In a stir-fry, you cook everything quickly, starting with the bigger items needing more cooking, and folding in the lighter spinaches right at the end. I added a sauce and then put back the kangaroo, sliced into juicy pieces. Then served. The consensus: very popular dinner, and some kangaroo converts.

As it turns out, we now have some kangaroos living right next to our driveway, on a neighbour’s property. We’re not so keen to have them on ours, as they can breed up quickly and eat all the grass.

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