We have peacocks again!

Nicky the wwoofer gave the old pigeon house a good clean, Allison built some perches, and I repaired the door. So we were well prepared this time.

Peacocks are quite bulky birds, what with the long flashy tail. Last time, Allison drove and I nursed a peacock in the back seat, but that was only 10 minutes.

We had to collect them from Murrumbateman, an hour away. We thought of many possible solutions for transporting them, and in the end came up with a multi-layered canopy for the ute, using trailer nets and a tarpaulin.

After a few dramas, we got the peacocks loaded and I drove back. I kept expecting to see peacock heads sticking out, but they kept down and fairly subdued.

I got to Cockatrice Farm, and backed the ute up to the pigeon house. Wwoofer Pat and I made a human arch to channel the peacocks into their new abode. Allison and Wwoofer Nellie hovered to plug gaps. But the peacocks stayed put. Nicky clambered onto the ute, and wriggled his way under the canopy. He then pushed the peacocks out from the back. All that worked very well.

It was only later that we realised how heroic Nicky had been — we had an old blanket on the floor of the ute, and the peacocks had emptied their bowels all over it. The smell on a warm day was atrocious. Nicky managed to avoid most of the dung, but it would have been a sensory experience.

So the peacocks are in their comfortable digs. They have to stay there for at least two months. Then we’ll let them out to range — keeping them out of the vegies may be an interesting challenge.

We do love to watch peacocks, but our plan is to serve some of their offspring up at a medieval feast. A dish for kings.

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