Allison the butcher

Allison made a chicken stew today, with parsley and tarragon from our garden.

To do this, she killed and dressed two of the chickens.

One was “Legs”, a bantam hen who had been the bane of our existence for years. She lived with the fluffies (silkie bantams), who by themselves are inclined to be calm and friendly. Legs was always frantic about any human visits, and wound the others up. So we’re glad she’s gone.

The other was a silkie rooster, the only boy in our hatchlings from Scullin. So he was the number two rooster, brother or son of all our silkie hens, and so rather redundant. Silkies have black flesh, which looks odd but tastes fine.

Allison says she doesn’t enjoy dispatching them, so I’ll need to take over that duty. But she doesn’t mind gutting and cleaning them – rather her than me.

This time, Allison skun the chooks rather than plucking them. Much faster, and fine for stewing. All very tasty in a hotpot; perhaps even better with some fresh chillies which we should grow.

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