We make a tourney fence

The wwoofers were looking for a new project, so we decided to make an SCA tourney fence.

This will be used in tourneys, also for equestrian events.

We used lower-grade pine timber, available for $1.21 a metre, half the price of construction grade.  Actually the timber quality was quite reasonable, but we had to work around some knots.

I made up some patterns in vinyl, so that we could mark up each piece for easy cutting with the circular saw (straight bits) and jigsaw (curves).

Our friend Brett helped us set up our Aldi router, to put chamfers along the rails and uprights.  And we used the drill press to put three sunken quatrefoil patterns on each rail.

The whole lot was painted purple, with white quatrefoils.

The credit goes to wwoofers Pat, Nicky and Laura, plus Canadian wwoofer Nellie for finishing the painting. Laura had to leave us for medical reasons, but we caught up again in Sydney later for a lovely lunch at Cabramatta.

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