Our first ducklings

Last week, our first lot of mallard ducklings arrived.  We have another mallard sitting, though her laying hole got swamped in a downpour so maybe she won’t be so successful.

We have seven fluffy ducklings, all bobbing up and down over the grass.

No muscovy ducklings, as we only recently got Nicky the Duck.  Nicky has decided that he really wants to come into the house, and regularly has to be discouraged from this notion.  We’re settling on a compromise that he’s allowed to sit on a step at the end of the verandah.

Nicky the duck, lobbying for entry

Laura the wwoofer has taken over looking after our ever-increasing poultry.  One useful project was upgrading the security of the main chook shed, because a possum kept sneaking in at night and pinching the eggs.  The silkie hens are interested in going clucky, so we might eventually get some offspring from Rufio, our charming and colourful silkie rooster.

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