Nicky the Duck joins us

The Goulburn Poultry auctions were on today.  We picked up some more geese, so Fiddle and Faddle have now been joined by Fuddle, a dopey goose who had trouble getting out of the cage, and two others yet to be named.

At a previous auction, Allison mistakenly bought some muscovy ducks, which I consider rather ugly.  These were all going to be eaten.  Except for Foxfood, who we did eat, the others have been the best behaved animals on the farm, so I’ve relented.  We bought the muscovy girls a drake.

Nicky the wwoofer bid for him, so we’re called the drake “Nicky the duck”.  Nicky is a friendly fellow, and very well-mannered with the girls so far (I’m talking about the duck here).  The muscovies have been moved into the orchard directly behind our house, and Cara the dog is on her honour to leave them alone.

In the evening we had our friends Brett and Sasha over to tea.  Allison is the better cook, but it was definitely my turn.

I finally got to make my savoury pancakes.  I made a meat filling (like a bolognaise) and also a mushroom, broadbean and currant filling for the vegetarians.

A milestone for us: a garden salad, for the first time entirely from our own garden.  There were (progressing around the garden) lamb’s lettuce, Italian parsley, dill, lemon thyme, Chinese spinach, curly parsley, chives, Vietnamese mint, sorrel, three types of lettuce, beetroot leaves, and I’m sure there was more.  It looked and smelt great, and tasted pretty good too.

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