We visit the Food Forest and Maggie Beer’s place

We went to Adelaide this weekend, for the SCA Crown Tourney and also to visit some favourite relatives.

While there, we saw the Food Forest.  The Brookmans have a tree farm on 25 acres, in a drier climate than ours.  They do use a bore to supplement their own water which is quite limited.  They get a bulk order of commercial organic compost every few years and get contractors to spread it.  Their vegie production looked somewhat conventional to me – not particularly permaculture.  Their knowledge of tree production is excellent, and they had some good suggestions for us.

We visited Maggie Beer’s Pheasant Farm near Gawler.  Maggie is well known through the SBS show “The Cook and the Chef”, a chatty cooking show where Maggie (a mere cook) and Simon (a qualified chef) trade recipes and techniques.  Maggie produces a huge range of high quality products like chutneys and pastes, and her farm shop provides tastings in all of these.  We also saw a cooking demonstration with verjuice, a very medieval alternative to vinegar made from unripe grapes.  The picnic lunch was most enjoyable, with Allison, my cousin Debby, and son Owen (photo by Debby).

The SCA event was enjoyable, and the food was beautifully cooked.  I had a great conversation with Everard on emerging SCA fighting techniques, which has me rather inspired to take up SCA fighting again.

On the way back, we met up with our friend Paul Downton, a well-known green architect.  He showed us around his masterpiece, Christie Walk.  The townhouses are exceptional, especially now that the garden is established.

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