We eat our first duck

We had the day off work for Melbourne Cup.  Handily, this is a holiday in Canberra (ACT) but not in Goulburn (NSW), so a chance to catch up with lots of outstanding errands.  We’re really getting the armouring going now.

Our milestone for the day was killing our first animal.  I had been putting this off – Allison says it’s because I’ve got a soft heart.  I say it’s because you should really be well set up for the processing, which we’re not.  Also it was likely to take lots of time, which we need for higher priority projects.

Anyway, Allison was determined for us to butcher something, and my preference was that it not be me.  Pat, our French wwoofer, is familiar with backyard processing, and volunteered to dispatch the chosen beast.

We selected Foxfood, the biggest of the muscovy ducks.  Foxfood liked flying out of the ducks’ yard, hence the name.  She got quite good at flying back inside, but she hadn’t been happy for a while as a mallard drake was giving her lots of unwelcome attention.

So Pat appeared suddenly with a headless duck.  We had made no preparation, so the bird went onto the table-tennis table for plucking.  Feathers went everywhere.  Eventually we had a bird ready for eating.  The table-tennis table will need to be tossed.

Allison cooked the duck with a Maggie Beer recipe.  I have to say that Maggie’s sauce and stuffing were delicious, and though Foxfood was flavoursome she was pretty tough.  We will need to work on our poultry technology for next time.

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