Planting a pine forest

Pat and Nicky planted 100 pine trees between the creek and the highway.  Why pines, aren’t they a fire threat and don’t they poison the ground forever?  Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – currently we have lots of long grass which is also a fire threat, and suppressing other growth (for a couple of years) is one reason why we’re planting them.

If there is a disadvantage to our block, it’s that the wonderful proximity to the Hume Highway creates noise and visual distraction, especially noticeable at night.  So we wanted something fast-growing, tall and chunky, cheap and reliable.  Pinus radiata fits the bill well.  As a plus, pine forests are great for medieval combat archery and general skulking.

Apart from that, the wwoofers have been plugging away at the serrated tussocks.  Unfortunately these have started going to seed – a few weeks earlier than I had hoped.  We’re still cutting them out as they seed, but we won’t be able to hold the line.  About half the property is clear of tussock at this stage, and we’re still going.  Hopefully it will be all under control by this time next year.

Our Swedish wwoofers, Anton and Jonas, have headed off to Melbourne.  We wish them well.

I went to a farm clearing sale on Sunday.  I really want an anvil, for making armour.  There was one for sale, but I gave up bidding at $290.  Fortunately, I later found a long bit of railway track at Tony’s Old Wares in Goulburn.  This cost $20, plus $25 to cut it into four sections.  Two of these have curved sections, strangely enough, which will have special uses for armouring.

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