Wwoofers to work

Saturday was the Murrumbateman Field Days www.mfdays.com.  Bigger than ever, and always lots to see.

My favourite was South Coast Flora, from Bermagui.  They had a wide range of edible fruit tubestock at very reasonable prices.  I picked up several interesting “bush tucker” plants, as well as a few more berries and permaculture-type useful plants.

I took Pat and Nicky, and also two Swedish wwoofers we acquired during the week: Jonas and Anton.  Then we headed back via Canberra so that the wwoofers could see Canberra from Mount Ainslie.  An essential stop for all wwoofers in the region.

Allison was in Sydney on Saturday, and returned that night.  We had gone out Friday night and were away most of Saturday, so we made Sunday a busy working day.

Anton and I planted many trees and herbs, making some headway into the backlog.  Jonas used the ride-on mower to subdue the spring growth.  Pat and Nicky worked with Allison in bringing the first mandala garden into cultivation, and by the end of the day we were all working there.

In theory, the chickens had already cleared a large circular bed.  I practice, we mainly have silkie bantams, and they don’t make much impression.  So the lads dug the bed over and removed the clumps of grass.

Outside the mandala circle, we again removed the grass and put wood shaving paths in its place.  These will break down over two years.  They absorb nitrogen during this time, so weeds find it hard to get started.  After two years, the remaining sawdust will be heaped into the circle before the chooks come back, and they’ll mix this organic matter into the soil.

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