Housewarming, and our first wwoofers

On Saturday, we had our housewarming party, with about 40 people drifting by over the day.  We had a barbeque lunch in the big covered area between the houses.

Lots of Allison’s relatives, some from my work, and various friends.  We had Katherine and all her dogs from Labrador Rescue, and a few other canine visitors, so lots of fun for our dog Cara.  The kids had turns on the ride-on mower, and a bumpy trailer ride down to the dams behind the ute.

It was a lovely day, and the farm looked great.  For those who had been before, there were many small improvements, and everything is green and leafy as Spring gets well underway.

We got several presents, mainly garden-related to help get us on our way.  Shane and Eric brought us a Eureka lemon and a blood orange – great choices, just hope they do OK in our tough environment for citrus.

Our first wwoofers arrived, Pat and Nicky from France.  They are already helping with the serrated tussocks, planting trees, mowing and several other tasks.

On Saturday night we went to the Old Time Dance at the local Parkesbourne Hall.  Allison and I managed a Pride of Erin and one or two other oldies.  Nicky got dragged into the Hokey Pokey, while Pat took some colourful video footage that will cause years of wonderful embarrassment.

On Monday we sought to set things right, including rescuing one of the geese that had become caught the wrong side of a fence in the confusion, and ended up on the far side of the creek  Allison is really a country girl now: she leapt the barbed-wire fence and corralled a very upset goose in a corner.  Nicky grabbed the goose with his shirt, and I tried to carry him back to his mate.  Alas he escaped, and we beat a retreat as a powerful storm hit us.  I went out this morning (Tuesday) and was able to drag Fiddle back home, with much hissing and a few attempts to bite me.  Both geese are happy again now.


Here’s the heraldic banner we created later for Nicky, commemorating his feat with the goose:

Quarterly gules and azure, a goose displayed argent

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