Miscellaneous plantings

This was a long weekend, and just as well.  We’re getting ready for our housewarming party, and everything is falling into place.

We have lounges!  Allison’s Dad works with a furniture manufacturer in Sydney, and we got them to build some lounges for the main house to our specifications.  They arrived on Friday and are very comfortable – and so say our cats Twurtle and Brulée, who cannot be budged from them.

I have been mowing, in between heavy rain, about 50mm for the weekend.  Alas, Dad’s old ride-on mower is still out of commission, so I’ve been pushing the Victa around.  And the whipper-snipper.  Trying to keep up with the Spring grass before it buries the place.

I planted another row of red-stemmed wattles, making the windbreak into a zig-zag.  And six kurrajong trees as another layer to the windbreak, inside the house paddock fence.  The kurrajongs also came from Helen at our local landcare group.  I still have some casuarinas to plant down near the creek, but they’ll need to grow a bit bigger first.

Also on Friday I bought a quince tree, a damson and an apricot, but the nursery warns that planting them now is very dangerous and I should wait till Christmas.  Apparently deciduous trees are vulnerable to root damage if moved in Spring.  I guess that will go for the two medlar trees that arrived from Diggers Club.  I also picked up a feijoa at Bunnings – love the fruit from those.

Allison has moved the chickens to the chicken dome.  Alas we have only two ‘proper’ chooks (Light Sussex).  The silkies just don’t make any impact on the ground.  We really need a dozen proper chooks to make headway.

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