A windbreak, and more ducks

Lots of visitors this weekend.  Jane, Gail and Warwick helped us plant some red-stemmed wattles as the start of our north-west boundary windbreak.  This is the highest area on the property, and the soil is much tougher going than the rest.

We were given the wattles by Helen, from our local Landcare group.  Helen doesn’t even live near here, she lives in town and has decided to help out Landcare by raising baby trees.  What a fantastic contribution.  She also gave us some casuarinas and kurrajongs, for other spots.  The casuarinas are tiny and may need to grow a bit first.

Allison and Gail (her cousin) went to the poultry auction on Sunday.  Smaller numbers, fewer attendees, but much warmer than the winter auction.  The standard of the birds seemed very good.  The prices were quite high.

Allison bought some white mallards, who are now frolicking in an old bath in the backyard to the guest cottage.  They are sharing with the muscovies, which seems to be working at the moment.

We also picked up Rufio, a fetching dark silkie rooster.  All our fluffies are white, and hard to tell apart, so we’ll introduce some colour into the flock.

There were no peacocks on sale this time.  Allison was going to buy some more geese, but they started the bidding before the advertised time and she missed out.

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