Getting the ride-on going

Another busy weekend, and many little victories.

We have two adjoining houses, each with a large and empty enclosed backyard.  We’re turning these into an orchard.  The area behind the guest house has been left overgrown till now.

The Muscovy ducks live in there.  One of them, now called “Foxfood”, likes to fly out of this (very large!) yard for a look around the neighbourhood, then flies back for food.

So I mowed this area with the ordinary mower, and kept all the clippings for the next lot of compost.  I have bought some leaky ag pipe to put breathing tubes through the compost.

Also had a go at getting the ride-on mower going.  I’m sure this was secondhand when my Dad got it, has been frequently used, and ended up with me when my Dad’s estate was finalised.  It had a flat tyre, which turned out to be a 2cm boxthorn spike.

I fitted the tyre back, filled it with petrol, and pushed the starter.  No action, no great surprise as it’s been sitting around for more than a year.  Under the hood, there is a pull starter.  After four tugs, it sprung into life.  It’s an unwieldy beast, but on long runs it works well.

Ride-on mowers are shocking permaculture.  Why do you have that much grass anyway, suggests a deficiency of geese or useful trees.  What, you’re not gathering the clippings for compost?  But as a transition technology it’s pretty handy.

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