A day for planting

I took today off work, just a sanity break.

We’ve been getting some lovely Spring weather: gentle warmth, and the slightest refreshing breeze.  Delicious.

I potted up some tagasaste seeds.  Tagasaste is a permaculture classic, a nitrogen-fixing shrub that is highly tasty to all stock.  Bill Mollison loves to use tagasaste trimmings directly onto garden beds as mulch; he says that composting it first wastes too many nutrients.

Tagasaste seeds look like silver wattle seeds, and like them must be boiled in water to improve germination.  Then you mix in the inoculant.

The instructions said to mix in some agricultural lime (NB – not the caustic building stuff!!) which I did, but wouldn’t do again as it became too hard to handle the individual seeds.  I might do it if I were just scattering the results in a paddock.

So I’ve started off about 50 tagasastes – let’s see how many germinate.

Also planted some comfrey roots into pots and some directly into the orchard.  I got these, and some Jerusalem artichokes, from Green Harvest in Queensland.  Also planted out some bushes I bought from a Canberra nursery last weekend: a gooseberry, whitecurrant, redcurrant, a cherry and a boysenberry cane.

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