We plant lots of trees

Today was a beautiful day, a Spring day.

During the week we got an order of trees from Diggers Club.  They had actually been at the Goulburn post office for a week waiting for us to get to them.  Fortunately the postal staff had opened them up and watered them – imagine that happening in Sydney!

We had already ordered a heap of planting gear from SureGro.  We bought extra-large weed mats, to cut out grass competition with the trees.  These are already pierced for the extra-long timber stakes and extra-long (1200mm) plastic sleeve protectors we bought too.

These were really easy to use, and the soil here is magnificent.  Lots of huge earthworms, and a rich chocolate colour.  About 15cm of topsoil over clay.

The cost of the planting materials per tree was about $5.  This may seem a lot, but in five years it will seem cheap for large, successful trees.  And most of the gear, except probably the weed mats, can be used once or twice more before it wears out – hence a bargain.

We were joined later in the day by Sarah and John from the Wollongong SCA.  Sarah helped us plant out a large bed of herbs, and John sorted out our technical issues from our new chainsaw to the wildly complicated irrigation system installed by the previous owners.  We hope we see Sarah and John again.

Addition: Treemax are another supplier, operating out of Sydney.

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