We buy a ute

We have been operating with just one car for several years.  That’s good environmentally and economically, but would be a disaster if anything goes wrong with the Camry.  It’s also difficult if someone is home sick or when the Camry needs a service.

We have just bought a bodgy old ute on Ebay.  In the US, utes are called pickup trucks.

I sort of accidently bid on it and then nobody else did.  It cost $2500.  We picked it up from near Marulan, and a tyre was running on rims by Sutton Forest.  The fuel pump broke in the first week (with Allison driving it down the main street of Goulburn).  But it’s going to be a useful addition to the farm.

We’re getting the Camry converted to gas in a couple of months.  That should save us about $5000 a year in fuel to Canberra.

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