Yarra Landcare

Today was the working bee for the local Yarra and Parkesbourne Landcare group.

Our address is “Yarra”, a kind of village on the Canberra side of Goulburn. Once it had its own school, as well as a cricket club that played on our property.  (An ancient and crumbling concrete cricket pitch is still here!)

The old school and its surrounds are now public lands administered by the Yarra Trust.  The local fire brigade shed is there, as well as some old tennis courts and clubhouse.  The landcare group is removing weeds and overgrowth, and restoring the amenity of the community area.

Owen and I spent the afternoon swinging a hoe, cutting out yucca cactus which had spread wildly across the entry to the public toilets.  Prickly work sometimes, and great to see it finished.

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