Geese, Ducks and a Peacock

We went to the local Poultry Auction last Saturday.  Allison was mostly the one there, because it was thoroughly sub-zero and so Owen and I disappeared quickly.

The acoustics of the Poultry Hall are shocking, so I wasn’t terribly surprised to hear that Allison bid on a bag of wheat, and somehow ended up with a pair of geese, Fiddle and Faddle.  They’re now residing on one of our dams.

One of the geese got chased by the agisted horses (going soon) and was nowhere to be seen.  We spied him on the other side of the highway, a couple of km away, but then he reappeared so evidently our neighbours have white geese too.

Allison also bid on some appleyard ducks for me, but when we went to collect them it turned out that the lot we bought was three muscovies.  Or ugly little south American geese, in my reckoning.  So we’re going to eat them.

She also bought a peacock.  There were several on sale, and we ended up with the largest.  It was too big for our cages, so I put its head under one arm and carried it home in the back seat.

Cornelius the peacock got to live in the old pigeon house.  Alas we didn’t repair the door, and we think that Cara the dog came over to say hello, so Cornelius escaped.  (All male peacocks on our place will be so named, for reasons known to the medievalists…)

A couple of days later, our neighbour Gail found Cornelius at her place, and she and Allison chased it around before it flew off.

Cara the Labrador arrives

Allison has been looking for a companion dog, especially for nights I’m away with work or whatever.

A lady at my work is involved with Labrador Rescue.  So we ended up with Cara, a refugee from Wagga Pound.  Cara’s a black Labrador, a little on the small side, and very sweet.

Our two cats were horrified and moved out for a few days.

Addition: Cara disgraced herself a few days later by “retrieving” one of the Fluffies, which resulted in its demise.  She had been so good with all the stock that we were letting everything free range.  But now the Fluffies are back in their run.

We get some culture

We attended a dinner for the Archibald Prize exhibition at the Goulburn Art Gallery.  The Archibald is the national prize for portraiture, and the artists like bending the definition of portraiture to the limits.

We had Allison’s parents Gloria and Richard with us, for a very fine dinner with great dinner companions.  Richard has been helping with the planning for the property – being a sounding board and devil’s advocate as much as anything else.  Richard is a much better gardener than Allison or myself, but not a permaculturist.

The portraits were great, too.  I won a door prize of classes in portraiture.  Can’t imagine I’ll get to take it up.  I always win door prizes and little raffles, and am accumulating toasters.